HR Support

You are not in business to deal with HR headaches. But we are!

Managing employees, keeping up with state and federal regulations and handling a myriad of other administrative duties is part of running a business. It's no wonder the HR function has grown beyond the capabilities of just one person. MWG Employer Services recognizes that not all employers can staff the personnel needed to effectively manage their human capital. So our goal is to bridge the gap.

To see where your firm stands and to help determine what you have to accomplish to improve your HR function, review this checklist:


  • Are workweeks identified and defined?
  • Are full-time and part-time hours defined?
  • Are shifts defined?
  • Is there open communication to and from the HR person/department?


  • Do job descriptions exist for all jobs?
  • Are all applicants required to fill out and sign an application form?
  • Are I-9 forms and acceptable documentation reviewed annually?
  • Do employment applications refrain from requesting protected information?
  • Are independent contractors accurately identified?

New Employees

  • Are workplace policies in place that focus on your workplace?
  • Are policies communicated?
  • Are policies enforced?
  • Is there an employee handbook updated and compliant?
  • Are employees trained on policies and work rules?

Wages and hours

  • Are employees correctly designated as exempt or nonexempt per FLSA?
  • Is working time documented?
  • Are paid time off (vacation, holidays, etc.) structures developed and equally enforced?
  • Are non-exempt employee compensated at least one and one-half times their hourly wage for any hours beyond 40?


  • Are Summary Plan Descriptions provided to plan participants?
  • Are plan documents in compliance with ERISA?
  • If there is a health care plan, is protected health information kept private and secure?
  • If applicable, are employees allowed up to 12 weeks of leave under FMLA?

Employee Relations

  • Is quality and quantity of work evaluated?
  • Are disciplinary actions for violating workplace policies flexible?
  • Are there a variety of individuals to whom employees my lodge complaints (supervisor, HR representative?)
  • Is there a whistleblower policy in effect?

Safety and Security

  • Are safety hazards reported to the appropriate personnel?
  • Are measures in place to prevent intruders from entering the grounds or buildings?
  • Are employees encouraged to promptly report incidents and suggest ways to reduce or eliminate risks?
  • Are OSHA rules adhered to?

Discrimination and employee rights

  • Are employees trained on discrimination issues?
  • Are employment practices in line with the various anti-discriminatory practices?
  • Are effective policies in place that prohibit retaliation against employees who exercise their rights?

Employee separation

  • Do exit interviews take place?
  • Are separation and COBRA notices provided on time?
  • Are final paychecks provided on time?

Recordkeeping and other documentation

  • Are personnel files current?
  • Are all appropriate labor posters displayed in a conspicuous place?
  • Have the posters been updated?
  • Are documents regarding employees kept for their required duration?

Have any “NO” or “DON’T KNOW” answers?

You don’t have to tackle these issues alone. You stay focused on running and growing your business while we focus on providing full HR support.

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